Tint Plus Provider

Are you looking to stay cool during the brutal summer heat?

Did you know there is a simple solution to reduce inside temperatures of your

automobile, home, or office, while noticeably reducing energy costs? Well, the answer,

window tinting with Tint  Plus Auto Tint!  Tint Plus Auto Tint is your greater Hanford

& surrounding area window tint provider. We have been providing the area

with automobile window tinting services since 2010.

Not only is our window film the highest of quality, but our films are backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty. Dollar-for-dollar, window film is the most  effective way

to reduce costly summertime energy bills caused by overworked AC units.


The Benefits Of Having Window Tint

Now you may ask, “How will I benefit from window tint?” Whether it is an

automobile, there are many reasons to have your windows tinted:

  •  Decreases Heat – Substantially reduces inside temperatures

  •  Reduces Health Risk – Prevents exposure to violent UV Rays

  •  Cuts Electricity Cost – Reduces heat, allowing cooler inside temperatures

  •  Increases Safety – Holds glass together during an accident

  •  Eliminates annoying Glare – Reflects direct sunlight, effectively reducing glare

  •  Enhances Appearance – Completes the exterior look on any application

    Call Tint Plus Auto Tint today for a free quote, and find out how tinting can help protect and preserve your vehicle, home, office or business today. 


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