Benefits of Automobile Window Tinting:

  • Reduces interior temperatures
  • Reduces Glare
  • Blocks 99% UV Rays
  • Helps prevent glass shatter during impact
  • Improves driving conditions
  • Increases privacy
  • Decreases health risk

Automobile Film Shades Available

  • 35% Light Transmission
  • 15% Light Transmission
  • 5% Light Transmission

Security Film

Your security is important. With our automotive security films you and your

vehicle is protected. Our security films also called protective polymeric films,

are 4 millimeter’s thick and backed with much stronger adhesive than regular

window film. Security films offer excellent protection against smash-and-grab

crime. The super tough film also provides protection from hurricanes

and violent weather, and protection from extreme impact.

  • Only available in 35% light transmission

Did You Know?

  • The inside of your car can reach 120 + degrees while parked in the hot sun
  • Skin cancer in the United States has reached epidemic proportions
  • Cataracts are a form of eye damage which eye clouds vision

More importantly, did you know that the sun is the cause of these effects?

Can window tint reduce the likely hood of the previous events occurring to you?

Window tint is a must-have upgrade for any automobile. So, what are you waiting

for? Get tinted today!

Our Guarantee

Tint Plus only offers high-quality films that include a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Our films are guaranteed from bubbling, turning purple, delaminating, or fading.

We are serious about our business and that’s why we guarantee our products.

If your film becomes defective return to us and we will replace it for free.


Window tint has something to offer to anyone and everyone. There really is no

reason not to have window tint installed on your automobile. If you are in

Hanford or in the neighboring area, and need a window tint on your car, give us

a call today.


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